The Fool Tale

Wellcome of my world of art in the making, its a reflexion of my human experience, my learning process.

I will try to keep it fresh and updating, but not overwhelming.

@aryes97 (IG) Arte en tiempos de Corona. 3/28/2020

El Hoy-Kunst Family-Germany 2020

“He who master the power formed by a group of people working has within his grasp one of the greatest powers known to man.”-Idowu Koyenikan

1:11 Vielen dank Deutschland
Fourth Dimension
  When we cross the threshold of the fourth dimension, we enter a world without ego and without fear. This gives us the feeling that most of us call The Awakening.  It starts with the perception that we are part of The One. – or what many refer to as the Creator. It is to perceive time as an illusion dancing an infinite dance in an hourglass.
  It is to awaken the fact that We are not separate entities, looking towards The  One, but we are The One looking at himself.
We are all connected on a quantum level.

“I’am getting there. Have to BE something painful, something real, something really crazy for art to BE fun.

@aryes97 (IG)
“Man with Hat”
Oil on canvas
18 x 13 x 3 cm
During my years of collegue art studdent, I had a pleasure to meet this human being. More than once he told me “I can’t get drunk, I’m just a peasant that run out of money but can’t get drunk.” A good allie in parranda nights.
“From hat and drums.”
Oil on canvas
23 x 32 x 3 cm (with mat and black frame)
13 x 18 cm
A study of my first painting documenting the change between 2007 and 2019. 
“Skull and Kerosene Lamp”
Oil on canvas
32 x 23 x 3 cm,
size 18 x 13 cm
The study of a piece I made for the art show“ Ice Age ” project.
These objects were a necessity for growing up in the wilderness. 
They were the key to survival. 
Showcasing the time when death was the only certainty. 
“Panama Red.”
Oil on canvas
100 x 50 x 3 cm
Lady dressed in a Panamanian outfit smoking “Panama Red” from a bong while consulting to The Fool about paving the road to legalization of Cannabis.
“A bike ride.”
Oil on canvas
32 x 23 x 3 cm,
size 18 x 13 cm
Serie: “Images with the right to exist.”
Es a series of random strokes with leftover paint. I leave then alone until images come up. In this particular one, I paint My first bike ride. Childhood memories. Here is when my beloved mother trusted the evangelical pastor, a friend of the family to take me to school


I remember when my aunt told me I had appeared on the afternoon news. My university had gone on strike, the press had come to interview us and the only comment that came to my mind was that of the awful smell of the bathrooms. To this day, I have never seen the footage. Despite the lack of government support for education, particularly in the arts, I have fond memories of my classes, my classmates, and my professors. I will always remember the class of 2013.-Artists from tax heavens.

 “ The Fool came to me during my years of art school, which was a crucial point in my life. Throughout the creation of this piece, the persona of the Fool guided me through self-doubt. I enjoy seeing the persona of Fool in the works of others. I believe that, in a way, we all act like fools at one point or another. We are fools every time we step into the unknown. I believe that artists are the greatest fools of all. We, like the Fool, are showing ourselves through endless art.”-Mayra Moreno

“The Fool”
60×90 cm
Oleo on canvas
Panama 2012

The Fool fearlessly begins the journey into the unknown. To do this, he does not regard the world he knows as firm and fixed. He has a seemingly reckless disregard for obstacles. In the Ryder-Waite deck, he is seen stepping off a cliff with his gaze on the sky, and a rainbow is there to catch him. In order to explore and expand, one must disregard convention and conformity. Those in the throes of convention look at the unconventional, non-conformist personality and hink “What a fool”. They lack the point of view to understand The Fool’s actions. But The Fool has roots in tradition as one who is closest to the spirit world. In many tribal cultures, those born with strange and unusual character traits were held in awe. Shamans were people who could see visions and go on journeys that we now label hallucinations and schizophrenia. Those with physical differences had experience and knowledge that the average person could not understand. The Fool is God. The number of the card is zero, which when drawn is a perfect circle. This circle represents both emptiness and infinity. The Fool is not shackled by mountains and valleys or by his physical body. He does not accept the appearance of cliff and air as being distinct or real. When you receive The Fool in a reading, you are ready to begin The Fool’s Journey into the unknown. The Fool’s originality, enthusiasm, sense of adventure and faith in the world are yours. (Description of the The Fool, the Tarot Cars.-Internet.)

“The Making of Balboa.” In my first year of Art School, skipping classes to go and learn in the Atelier Sculptor Jorge Calderon. Aguadulce, Cocle, Rep. Panama.

“El Burocrata Cabeza de Pene.” And “Mr. Miron.” Carve Pumise rock from the shores of the Kingdon of Bahrain Peninsula. 2007-2008. My little Kaelyn at 3 years old.