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Show Virtual 2022

Virtual Art Exhibit


FOTOGRAFIC WORK: Katherina Abril

CURATOR: Andreas Kerstan

“A resilient way to brake the distances.”

Kunst Family-Germany 2020

Thank you for your time to see my art. Enjoy it.

Burg Stettenfels 23-25 October 2020

Wiesbaden 25-27 Sept 2020

Wellcome of my world of art in the making, its a reflexion of my human experience, my learning process.

I will try to keep it fresh and updating, but not overwhelming.

@aryes97 (IG) En tiempos de Corona. 3/28/2020

“Random people that we meet, all passengers of this train. Strangers the last minute and now friends. So many thoughts, so many feelings in people with souls. A random look at people tells it all.”

  • Life is a Foolish Game.
  • Looking for my soul mate, I find myself.
  • Venimos del ETER y Vamos al ETER.
  • History repeting Again and Again.
  • There is music in the silence.
  • I am her and she is me.
  • "We are the same colors of the Earth, gradma."
  • "Ñatore may"
  • Through art, I find myself.

Burg Stettenfels Video

“He who master the power formed by a group of people working has within his grasp one of the greatest powers known to man.”-Idowu Koyenikan

1:11 Vielen dank Deutschland
Fourth Dimension
  When we cross the threshold of the fourth dimension, we enter a world without ego and without fear. This gives us the feeling that most of us call The Awakening.  It starts with the perception that we are part of The One. – or what many refer to as the Creator. It is to perceive time as an illusion dancing an infinite dance in an hourglass.
  It is to awaken the fact that We are not separate entities, looking towards The  One, but we are The One looking at himself.
We are all connected on a quantum level.

“I’am here. Had to BE something painful, something real, something really crazy for art to BE fun.

@aryes97 (IG)
“Man with Hat”
Oil on canvas
18 x 13 x 3 cm
During my years of collegue art studdent, I had a pleasure to meet this human being. More than once he told me “I can’t get drunk, I’m just a peasant that run out of money but can’t get drunk.” A good allie in parranda nights.
“From hat and drums.”
Oil on canvas
23 x 32 x 3 cm (with mat and black frame)
13 x 18 cm
A study of my first painting documenting the change between 2007 and 2019. 
“Skull and Kerosene Lamp”
Oil on canvas
32 x 23 x 3 cm,
size 18 x 13 cm
The study of a piece I made for the art show“ Ice Age ” project.
These objects were a necessity for growing up in the wilderness. 
They were the key to survival. 
Showcasing the time when death was the only certainty. 
“Panama Red.”
Oil on canvas
100 x 50 x 3 cm
Lady dressed in a Panamanian outfit smoking “Panama Red” from a bong while consulting to The Fool about paving the road to legalization of Cannabis.
“A bike ride.”
Oil on canvas
32 x 23 x 3 cm,
size 18 x 13 cm
Serie: “Images with the right to exist.”
Es a serie of random strokes with leftover paint. I leave then alone until images come up. In this particular one, I paint My first bike ride. Childhood memories. Here is when my beloved mother trusted the evangelical pastor, a friend of the family to take me to school