That’s how started…

The Emerging of an artist.

“Random people that we meet, all passengers of this train. Strangers the last minute and now friends. So many thoughts, so many feelings in people with souls. Random look at people tells it all.”

Mayra Moreno

Author: Mayra Moreno-Martin

Mayra Moreno was born at the end of the 70´s. In the small countryside town of Anton, Panama. As a small child, her father relocated the family to Darién province, a wild, sparsely settled, undeveloped frontier bordering Colombia. She spent much of her childhood there surrounded by the rainforest. Her vision of the world can be seen across her art. She approaches controversial subjects as political statements including, the place of the women in a Patriarchal culture, childhood in a sick society, and the destruction of Mother Nature. In 2007, in the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain she began taking oil painting lessons at the Atelier of Chilean Andrea Sibilla. She earned her art degree in Panama in 2013. Her work, it’s her life, an open book with a twist.

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