Socio-Poli-tic Art

“We evolved past a need for superstition, dogmas politics and religious.” An alien. 

Aquarius swallows the empire

“The bigest favor you can do to someone is telling them the true.”

“I’m in the process of learning, with each day bringing its own challenges, its own mistakes, its own failures, and its own eventual success. In a world that is filled with so much competition and demand,  I’m trying to stay true to myself.”

Mayra Moreno

Abril 11 2019.It was the day , they moved the Journalist Julian Assange to  Belmarsh prison in southeast London. Never Forget.

Oil on Canvas
60cmx80cm 2019

“There is a fine line between reality and fantasy, between fake and true, between crazy and sanity. Many roads lead to dead ends. Many people follow without question,”


A deprogrammed mind.

Interpretation of my daughter’s dream of Kanye West. “Swimming in a pool, a mason jar brake, and he asked: How You Are Going to Fix It?”

I dont mean to paint superstar.

The Nobodies

“Fleas dream of buying themselves a dog, and nobodies dream of escaping poverty: that one magical day good luck will suddenly rain down on them–will rain down in buckets. But good luck doesn’t rain down yesterday, today, tomorrow, or ever. Good luck doesn’t even fall in a fine drizzle, no matter how hard the nobodies summon it, even if their left hand is tickling, or if they begin the new day with their right foot, or start the new year with a change of brooms.”-Eduardo Galeano,“The Book of Embraces.”

"Los Perros Flacos"
Oil On Canvas
70X140cm 2018

“If you want to know the outcome of a game before the game has even started, you need to control each side.”
― David Icke, Children of the Matrix

"The Puppet Master"
Oil on Canvas
80X100cm 2017
Serie: TRibuto a Meme.
IX Obra: “La cumbia se va.
Oil on Canvas.
24cmx36cmx1 1/2
“This work is the political interpretacion of the poetry :A Cumbia Incident.Autor Demetrio Korsi. (Panama) Another important note of this work, is that you can find reference to ark work from: Cezanne, ‘The card players.” Vincent van Gogh “Coffe Lamartine in Arles.” and Eduard Manet, “The bar of the Follies Bergere.”

“La perversidad de nuestro tiempo fue la aparición de las sociedades anónimas. Gracias a las tinieblas de las sociedades anónimas por primera vez en la historia los hombres ejercen impunemente el Poder. Los Presidentes de las Repúbilcas no son sino fantoches, antifaces: detrás de ellos está el rostro sin rostro de las transnacionales. Hoy el Poder lo ejercen hombres cuyos rostros no conoceremos jamás: los invisibles propietarios, los misteriosos hombres sin cara de las multinacionales”.- Págs. 162-163
― Manuel Scorza, La danza immobile 1983

"Las Multinacionales"
Oil on canvas
100x80 cm 2014
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